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Restaurant Owner/Entrepreneur


Rochelle Kemp has long had a fervor for cooking, music, decorating, and people pleasing. Little did she know that she would be able to incorporate all of her passions into a self-employed business. In August 2002, Rochelle embarked on an opportunity of a lifetime by opening Flavor Restaurant after having worked in corporate America for years. She wanted to provide an upscale restaurant that represented a wide-ranging menu including Jamaican, Creole, Cajun, American, and Italian cuisine. And she insisted on having “Live Jazz”. After almost 5 years in one of the hardest industries to remain successful, she knows that the power of prayer, hard work, and the influence of strong family have seen her through the tough times.


When thinking about her vision for Flavor, she not only wanted the senses to overtake her customers but for the ambiance and service to warm the soul. She personally greets customers as if they were guests in her own home. Regular customers even have their own distinction, “The Flavorites”, who return time and time again to experience eclectic American flavored cuisine and relax in a sophisticated, yet unassuming atmosphere, where mirrors, colors, and touches of art are in all the right places to help define Flavor’s philosophy: the ultimate dining experience!


And she’s not done. She recently launched a full-service catering business; Flavor’s future plans include franchising and a retail product line. She knows there are even bigger opportunities that await her. She says, “It’s like having a party at your home every day and I’m the host!”


The “sleeper” for Flavor Restaurant and the South Suburbs has been the introduction of breakfast – if you can call it that. The food has attracted tourist, and is considered by many to be the “Best Breakfast in the Chicago land Area” The winner bidder and guests lucky enough to cash in on this package are in for a culinary treat and hospitality that is sure to warm their souls.

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